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 Monochrome/Color Toner <RENEW 14.Jan.16>   Toner Cartridge Parts
Printer Toner The toners have been produced in a factory having a high quality control system, in consequence, we believe Customers can use its with good satisfaction.
Many Monochrome and Color toners including new models are available.
Toner Cartridge Parts Many parts, such as OPC, Wiper Blades, Doctor Blades, PCR, Developer Roller etc are available.
These parts will be applied for many printers including a latest model.
 Toner Cartridge  Ink Cartridge
Toner Cartridge The compatibility toner cartridges including.
Up to date model, are available.
Ink Cartridge Our ink cartridge designed based on our own idea, and taken out (acquired) the patent in Japan.
The print quality of the same performance as an original Ink Cartridge has been achieved.
The Ink Cartridges show a good print quality and performance same as an original.
 Chip Resetter  Squeezer (under construction)
Chip Resetter Our Chip Resetter was developed in-house.
It is possible to apply to various printers, and it can be reset both our and original Chips.
Squeezer This Blade is for use in a screen process printing.
Please do not hesitate to ask us for details by INQIRY on the contact page, or in any way.
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 Other Products
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Livestock Tag
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  • RFID Ear Tag
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